How to Extend the Results of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can go a long way toward giving you the brighter, whiter smile you desire. For many people, the benefits of professional teeth whitening last for around three years. Your daily lifestyle habits can impact this in positive and not-so-positive ways.

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Watch what you eat and drink

There’s no need to completely change your diet for longer-lasting teeth-whitening results, but limiting foods and beverages that are most likely to cause or worsen stains and discoloration can help. If you enjoy the following items, you may want to cut back:

You can also use a straw to limit the staining effects of darker drinks.

Stop smoking or chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco and cigarettes can lead to darker, discolored teeth. A study published in the American Journal of Dentistry showed that even 14 days of exposure to cigarette smoke led to significant darkening in animal enamel blocks. 

Tobacco products instantly stick to your teeth and don’t always diminish with brushing. If you’re having difficulty quitting tobacco or cigarette use, seek professional support. It might not be an easy transition, but it will be worthwhile for your teeth and overall health.

Practice good oral hygiene 

Similar to quitting smoking, improving your oral hygiene habits can benefit far more than your teeth. Brushing well, for at least two minutes twice a day and with proper technique, and flossing daily can help keep your teeth clean while doing away with substances with staining potential that may be lingering in your mouth. These habits also help guard against discoloration related to decay. 

You should also come in to see us for professional cleaning regularly. For most people, this involves two cleanings per year.

Stay well-hydrated

Drinking appropriate amounts of water enhances dental hygiene by flushing away bacteria that can gather in your mouth during or after meals. It also helps your immune system function normally, lowering the amount of harmful bacteria in your mouth. All of this can play a role in the color of your teeth, since bacterial buildup is one potential cause of darkening. 

Get touch-up whitening treatments

Lastly, consider scheduling touch-up treatments. We can help determine when and how often such treatments are ideal for you. Our team at Bahia Dental Group would be happy to decide on a whitening plan that suits your teeth and preferences.

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