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If you’re concerned about an uneven bite or misaligned teeth, braces can be a great option. Marzieh Oghabian, DDS, offers both traditional and invisible braces through her practice, Bahia Dental Group in Pittsburg, California. She can help you or your child find the right teeth-alignment option. To learn more, book an appointment today. Online scheduling is available, or you’re always welcome to call to check availability.


What are the benefits of braces?

Most people think only of the cosmetic benefits of braces, but there are also plenty of health benefits to consider. Braces improve the alignment of your bite, helping your teeth fit together in a way that does not place undue pressure on your teeth or bone tissue.

Braces can correct your jaw position and treat jaw disorders. In many cases, misaligned teeth can cause problems with how you speak, bite, or chew. They can lead to earaches, headaches, gum disease, and dental decay.

The cosmetic benefits are also important, especially for those who have significant misalignment, gapped or missing teeth, or severe overbite or underbite. There’s no denying the joy of watching as your smile or your child’s smile transforms and improves.

How do traditional metal braces work?

You have a number of options to choose from in terms of the materials your braces are made from and how they are applied. There are options that use ceramic or clear brackets, and even some that attach to the back sides of your teeth.

The most common type of braces use small metal brackets that are cemented to the front of each tooth. A treatment wire is placed across the front of the brackets and delivers the gentle, steady tension that slowly moves teeth into proper position.

Once your braces are on you’ll return every six weeks or so to have a new wire placed and for a review of your treatment progress. Rubber bands, spacers, and even palate expanders may play a role in your treatment plan.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a popular teeth-alignment system that uses a series of clear plastic trays instead of brackets. The trays are molded to fit the exact contours of your smile, and you wear each set for about two weeks before moving on the next set.

The plastic trays are called aligners and place the right amount of pressure needed to shift your teeth into their optimal position. You need to wear your aligners throughout the day and night, removing them only during meals and for dental hygiene.

Invisalign can correct many of the same alignment problems as traditional metal braces. That said, there are pros and cons to each approach. Dr. Oghabian works with you to find the path best suited for your needs and lifestyle.

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