5 Benefits of Laser Gum Surgery

Lasers are used regularly in dental care for many reasons, including laser gum surgery. Whether you want to prevent gum disease or improve your smile, a laser is the best alternative to traditional, invasive surgeries.

The skilled professionals at Bahia Dental Group in Pittsburg, California, are experts in addressing oral health issues using laser treatments. Laser gum surgery is gentle, requiring no stitches and minimal downtime. This makes the choice easy if you’re seeking alternative cures for your dental needs. 

What is laser gum surgery?

Laser gum surgery is a modern surgery alternative where light energy is used to improve your oral health and your smile. It’s a method used to kill bacteria and stimulate bone growth around your existing teeth. Laser dentistry treats hypersensitivity, gum disease, and tooth decay, and it can even reshape gum tissue to reduce a “gummy” smile.

What are 5 benefits of laser gum surgery?

The goals of laser gum surgery are to reverse the damaging effects of bacteria and to help you maintain a healthy mouth. There are many other benefits as well.

1. Less invasive

Laser surgery is far less invasive than older methods of gum surgery. Traditional gum surgery requires medical instruments that slice into the gum tissue, leaving painful wounds that require stitches and healing time. Because the laser never cuts into your gum tissue, it offers a decreased risk of infection, sensitivity, and bleeding after the procedure. This also means the risk of complications is low. Because laser treatment is so gentle, many patients are less afraid to get their oral health problems fixed.

2. Treats gum disease

Gingivitis leads to gum disease when not treated in time, and gum disease leads to tooth loss if it’s never treated. Patients with advanced gum disease can save their natural teeth with this laser treatment. Gum disease leaves you with deep pockets of bacteria that regular dental cleaning can’t fix. A laser is more likely to eliminate all the harmful bacteria, even when they’re stuck in deep pockets.

3. Improves smile

Straight white teeth help you feel confident in your smile. Gums also play an important role in your self-esteem. Do your teeth feel “short,” or do you think your smile is too “gummy”? If you feel the proportion of gum tissue to teeth is unbalanced, it could make you self-conscious about your smile. Laser gum surgery contours the shape of your gums and trims the excess tissue, giving you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

4. Lasers are precise

No healthy gum tissue is damaged during laser gum surgery. The specialists at Bahia Dental Group use the laser to fix damaged tissue and stimulate new, healthy tissue growth. This method is extremely accurate and precise. The laser itself distinguishes healthy gum tissue from harmful gum tissue. Additionally, it won’t affect bones or teeth.

5. Fast recovery

Traditional gum surgeries require weeks of recovery that include pain, swelling, and a liquid diet. The recovery time for laser gum surgery lasts 24 hours, and patients typically only feel mild discomfort. Because there’s no cutting or stitching involved, the laser process offers quick recovery with minimal downtime. By not using traditional surgical tools such as scalpels, your doctor removes less tissue, causing less pain, bleeding, and inflammation. 

Are you ready to talk about laser gum treatment with us? Call the Bahia Dental Group today at 925-267-8251 to set up a consultation and discuss your options. You can also call us for a routine checkup, or use our convenient online scheduling tool.

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