3 Reasons You Want to Try Invisalign®️ This Spring

Whether your child’s teeth could use a little straightening, or you’re considering correcting your own childhood dental oversight, the Invisalign® teeth straightening system is an ideal choice. Clear aligners move your teeth into an orderly row, without the need for cumbersome metal braces.

At Bahia Dental Group, under the expert direction of Dr. Marzieh Oghabian, we provide a full array of dental services to our patients in Pittsburg, California. Whether you need a replacement tooth or a little help with the teeth you have, we offer the latest tools and products that can have you smiling from ear to ear with great-looking teeth.

If you’re curious about Invisalign, here are three reasons why you may want to try them this spring.

1. A clear solution

Several features separate Invisalign from traditional braces, but the most significant one is the absence of metal. Invisalign straightens your teeth using clear aligners, allowing you or your child to avoid that mouthful of metal that is often part and parcel of teeth straightening.

When you first come in, we learn your goals and gather 3D imaging of your teeth, sending it off to the Invisalign lab. The lab, in turn, manufactures a series of aligners to get you on the road to straighter teeth. You receive new aligners about every two weeks, which you simply swap out with your old set.

The aligners progressively move your teeth into your desired position using a material called SmartTrak®, which conforms perfectly to your mouth. Your aligners are also trimmed to fit your exact gum line so they fit comfortably on your teeth without rubbing your gums. Most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

The end result? You can smile with confidence both during and after your Invisalign treatment.

2. A removable solution

Another great benefit with Invisalign is that you remove the aligners when you eat or brush your teeth. No more dealing with food stuck in your braces!

You also avoid the enormous effort it takes to clean your teeth while negotiating around the wires and brackets of traditional braces. With Invisalign, you simply pop the aligners out and brush your teeth at least twice a day. This benefit really pays off at the end of your treatment, when you have beautiful, straight teeth.

You may also remove the aligners for special events or sports, but we do ask that you keep them on for 22 hours a day.

3. A comprehensive solution

Many of our patients wonder whether Invisalign works as well as traditional braces, and the easy answer is: Yes. In fact, Invisalign corrects all of the same problems that metal braces do, including:

Even if you would just like generally straighter teeth, Invisalign provides a great solution without all of the fanfare of braces. Whatever your dental concern, the odds are that Invisalign can help.

Because spring is the season of renewal, why not take this opportunity to bring a new look to your smile with Invisalign? If you’re interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to give Bahia Dental Group a call. Or you can use the online scheduling tool to set up a consultation.

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