Esfandiar Abadi, DDS

General Dentist located in Pittsburg, CA

About Dr. Abadi

Dr. Esfandiar Abadi, graduated from Azad University School of Dentistry in Tehran with a doctor of dental surgery. Dr. Abadi passed his California Board exams in 2003 and since then is passionately practicing dentistry in Northern California.

His love for the art of dentistry makes him continue his research and study in different areas of dentistry and make him familiar with the latest state of the art technologies in dental treatments offered by accredited institutions. He is one of the most sought after dentists because of his gentle touch while providing extended procedures i.e. Oral surgery, Dental implant and Orthodontics.

We Accept Insurance

For your convenience we accept many different forms of PPO Insurance. Please call the office to confirm your coverage.

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